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Janet Purcell | The Birthplace Doula | Postpartum Doula | Brisbane

Ideally we should spend as much time planning the time after our baby arrives as we do for the birth but its very common to underestimate the amount of support you’ll need to feel cared for. A postpartum doula can help at any stage of postpartum to make this happen. Before your baby arrives we can examine what kind of help is most important to you, what you have available and what we need to do to create a happier postpartum. If your baby is already here, you probably already know what you need which we can arrange quickly using my skills and if necessary a list of local trusted resources.

As a postpartum doula, I can support you in most aspects of life after a baby. Some clients like assistance in planning and preparing food to freeze before their baby arrives and some clients would rather do it themselves but find it difficult with a new baby. Tiredness, broken sleep and maybe a difficult birth are aspects that we may not have accounted fully for. I can help.

Emotional Support | Unexpected emotions can pop up when a baby arrives. It’s the perfect storm of new emotions, huge life changes and hormones. With a background in counselling and communication, I can help to identify those feelings and plan practical measures to help you feel relaxed and supported during this period. 

Practical Support | You are not expected to do it all. We aren’t meant to. Running a household can suddenly feel impossible with a new baby. Of course, many things can (and should) wait but the practical side of food, laundry and cleaning are jobs that can be completed by someone else. Some clients prefer to cook while I care for the baby while others sit and relax while I prepare a light meal for them.  

Professional Support | Feeding, Sleeping and Newborn behaviours are different with every family. I  can gently support you and your baby with lactation issues, feeding, sleep cycles and knowing when its appropriate to refer to another professional. Some families are adjusting to life with a newborn and need extra support from me such as overnight care to give them the opportunity to rest while someone cares for their baby. 

This may mean external services such as meal deliveries, laundry or cleaning but we can plan the best use of your time and budget for this.

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