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The Elle TENS 2 is so easy to use. All the settings are pre-set so there is no fuss in setting up. The Elle TENS 2 uses the latest Opti-Max technology.

What is Optimax? An extra pulse of pain combatting power, often used in the final stages of labour – when you most need it. Optimax is a feature of both the Elle TENS, Elle TENS 2 and Elle TENS+

Features and Benefits

  • Pre set modes for ease of use
  • Contraction timer
  • Integrated boost button
  • Optimax technology for extra power
  • Uses 4 large pads
  • Backlit digital display
  • Neck cord for mobility
  • Can be used for post natal pain


*TENS machines aren’t just for birth! TENS machines have been shown to naturally help improve back pain, neck pain, menstrual pain, postpartum afterpains, pain from surgery (e.g. c-section, ….), shoulder pain from breastfeeding, neuropathy, sports injuries and more!

What is Opti-Max? Optimax Technology gives an extra reserve of power for when you really need it. Used for the final stages of labour when you need extra pulse power or any time depending on your preference. Opti-Max is available with the  Elle TENS, Elle TENS 2 and Elle TENS+ machines. 

tens hire brisbane

Amazing machine!!

I made it through labour without any medication with this machine! Could not of done it without it!

Channell G

The tens machine was really helpful in timing my contractions. Especially as they were frequent throughout my labour. I was able to have the delivery I wanted with the aid of the Elle tens. Especially since later in
Labour I found I was only able to move with the boost function on.

Farah M

I brought my TENS weeks before I went into labour. I put it on from the minute my contractions started at home all they up until right before I was 10cm and pushing! I had it on for about 26 hours. Was so comfortable to wear, sitting/ walking/ laying in bed. Was very effective for pain relief. Highly recommend for labour! My partner has even found it useful for his back and shoulders

Tanita C

About The Birthplace Doula | Janet Purcell

Janet Purcell Doula

It’s hard to ask for help sometimes. I found it hard too with my first baby. I felt an overwhelming pressure to be all things to all people, all of the time. It simply wasn’t possible. My husband worked away and I didn’t have family nearby. I underestimated how much of my energy and attention my new bundle of joy would need so I hadnt really prepared either. It was really hard. 

When my next baby was on the way, I called people to delegate jobs, responsibilities and I planned to be prepared this time. I was prepared and I still had hard days but being able to ask and accept help made a huge difference. 

I know inviting a stranger into your home is difficult. I’m more than happy to provide you with all the information you need to feel more comfortable. I’m currently work as a nurse however my role with you would be non medical. Please read my About Me page to get to know me a little more and feel free to drop me a message with any queries you may have. 


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